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Piglets can be Friends with Tigers.

November 25, 2011

Unfortunately, due to being busy with various things at the moment I don’t have time to write anything long winded and exciting for you today, Animal on Animal fans. I do, however, have a video.

Please don’t look at me like that. I feel bad enough as it is.

If you can get past the idea of this being a video update and actually watch the video, you will find a wealth of Animal on Animal action! Not only are there piglets dressed as tigers, but at one point they actually sit on a tiger’s back! WOW.

Honestly, it’s ace.

I would like to thank Matthew for this. Thank you, Matthew.

Should have more time next week. If not I will change the name of the blog to “Apology on Apology”.


Movember Special.

November 16, 2011

Sorry for missing last week, been busy with several things that have made writing about animals on animals not so easy to fit in. One of those things is growing a moustache. Yes. It is Movember and growing a moustache in this special time encourages people to give you money toward saving men and suchlike.

Subconsciously I created an Animal on Animal last week during an exciting moustache photoshoot. Here it is:

Thank you for looking. If you would like to give me a Movember based donation and help save some lives, please get yourself over to my page and help out.

Normal Animal on Animal service will resume shortly. In the meantime, please have a dig around for some images and send them in as I’m running low.

Lots of love,

– Matt