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Video Thrills.

August 24, 2010

It’s video time again at Animal on Animal. Tortoises seem to be the preferred animal to be on when it comes to other animals travelling.

WARNING: The music is very annoying.

So yes, a lazy flipping cat using a tortoise to ferry it about. Not exactly heart warming, but that’s life I guess.

As a side note, the well of images I have is starting to look a little unhealthy, so if you come across any Animals on Animals please send them here (link on the right).

Cheers to Sawan for this. He got it from that Youtube place.


The starry eyed brothers.

August 17, 2010

Hernandez the parrot and Joe the monkey were twin brothers. Not identical, mind, Hernandez was much bigger and more colourful than Joe.

The twins did everything together. They picked flowers, they baked cakes, they set fire to tyres and rolled them down hills into oncoming traffic causing chaos, severe injury, and on one occasion, loss of life.

My, what fun they had!

One day, Joe suggested to Hernandez that they should fly to Los Angeles to see the stars, to which he happily agreed. However, Hernandez was not that clever, and he thought that Joe must have meant the stars in the sky, and by that logic, Los Angeles must be IN SPACE.

So they flew out into the cosmos together, never to be heard of again, but it is said that if you look up into the sky on a clear night, you can see a small monkey and big parrot getting the autograph of Mars.

Image from here, thanks to the mighty Lee for finding it.


Goats can be dicks.

August 10, 2010

Today’s image is small, but it does the job.

This one features a goat standing on the most horrible and terrifying animal of them all, MAN (that is “man” in the old style way of saying it, and thus includes the ladies, don’t think you’re getting away with it, ladies).

The goat is likely to be pointing out the man’s bald patches. The goat is likely to be creating these bald patches by eating the man’s hair. The man is likely to be highly irritated by this.

Goats can be dicks like that.

Thank you to Mike for the image.


The confused hen.

August 8, 2010

This one’s a few days late. Sorry about that:

Hens sometimes get confused. Martha is one such hen.

It seems she had gotten drunk one night and accidentally laid her eggs in a dog nest. Dogs only lay one egg a year, and they do tend to look a lot like chicken eggs, so in her drunken state she must not have noticed where she was sitting.

There was a scandal around the farm after the puppy hatched, but Martha was an honest hen, and her husband trusted her and stuck by her in spite of the horrid rumours. They brought up the puppy as their own, and named him The Artist Formally Known as Prince, because they were into him at the time.

Thanks to Lindsay, Amy, and Mouse for this.