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Run! It’s a video update!

April 27, 2011

Traditionally, Animal on Animal video updates have been a bit rubbish. There have been some highlights, but ultimately the one where one of the animals wasn’t actually an animal has damaged the reputation of the site.

Someone once told me: “Dedication. That’s what you need.”

There were some other words, but the above bit is the most important.

With that in mind, here we go again, a kid (baby goat rather than HUMAN CHILD) on a horse. Yes. Yes indeed. I never thought I’d see the day:

I would suggest that you turn the sound off, personally, but keep the lights on.

Thank you to the almighty Kit for linking me to this, and thank you to the person that recorded the video for recording the video.


The Great Wind.

April 26, 2011

Nobody saw it coming. The Great Wind. They were too busy watching the Master Chef finals.

Before anyone knew it, their TV was in the sky and they were hurtling upward, wind roaring around them like an invisible shouty dragon that didn’t say anything except “WHOOSH”.

Jason the monkey must have fainted. He woke up to silence, aside from a soft rustle coming from nearby. As his senses returned he discovered he was lying on a furry thing, and the rustling noise was coming from the furry thing eating grass. He was pretty comfortable.

Jason explained to the creature that he was comfortable, and the creature introduced himself as The Argonauts, the capybara. Jason thought that Jason and The Argonauts went well together, and this, combined with the comfortable nature of his new friend’s back, made him decide to stay there. The Argonauts was happy to have a friend, so an agreement was made that Jason could live on his back.

They went everywhere together.

It was ace.

Thanks to Lindsay for the images.


Killer Whales and Cheese Slices.

April 7, 2011

Little Jimmy liked to pretend that the floor was killer whale infested water, because it was.

Keeping away from killer whales is quite important when you’re a walrus, due to killer whales being bastards that will eat you. Probably even that one in Free Willy. I heard that he had killed Godzilla and Superman.

Little Jimmy, being rightly afraid of the evil beasts, used to sit on his dad’s back when going to the shops. They went every Wednesday morning (his dad was unemployed due to being obese and thus unfit for work), and bought bread and cheese slices to have for lunch.

It wasn’t a great diet, and eventually that blonde doctor bloke off Channel 4 got wind of it and gave them an angry phonecall, asking them to come and do his show ‘Supersize Vs. Superskinny’ to sort their lives out.

They turned him down, however, because they were walrusses, and walrusses tend not to like Channel 4 very much.

Thanks to Craig (I think), for the image, and Google for the image of That Doctor Bloke.