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Time travel.

June 15, 2010

You may think the below image is of a mother pig and her piglet.

You would be wrong.

In actual fact this is an image of a mother pig who has gone back in time to when she was a piglet in order to give herself advice.

Her advice consists mostly of not marrying her future husband, because he turns out to be a right bastard.

Thanks for the image, Dannie.


The Champions of Justice.

June 14, 2010

Some people are born small, and some people are born big.

Clarence was born small, and Delilah was born big.

Together, they would be The Champions of Justice.

Thanks to Andrew and Kit.

(you’ll get another update this week due to my lapse last week)


Beverly and the goat.

June 1, 2010

Beverly was a small dog, she couldn’t run very fast because of a go-karting injury several years ago, and she was getting on a bit. She longed to go into town and see what exciting electronic devices Dixons were selling these days, but because of her ailments she had to sit inside and watch the shopping channels on the television instead.

The trouble with the shopping channels were that they were so effective! She had already bought a vacuum cleaner with a smiley face on it, hair straighteners that she didn’t need, and a knitting kit with an instructional DVD that she’d never use. She daren’t watch the television any more just in case she bought anything more elaborate.

Life was becoming empty. She reminisced about her wild younger days, when she went to Dixons several times a week. Oh, how she longed for the excitement of the past.

One day, her owners brought home a gigantic stuffed creature that might have been a goat at one time. Beverly studied it for a while before getting an idea. She would ride it to Dixons!

So she attached wheels to it using her excellent DIY skills and rode it to Dixons. When she got there she stole 3 laptops, and a 50” HD TV.

She was arrested and sent down for 2 years.

But she bloody loved every second of it.

Cheers for the pic, Karl.