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The little prince and his moustache.

October 28, 2010

I appear to be two weeks behind, or one week, I can’t quite be bothered to work it out. Regardless, apologies, fans of Animal on Animal. Let us see what today’s image brings…


Bertram was a noble King who enjoyed sitting on rocks and thinking about Ancient Rome, and how ace it would have been to be called “Caesar” instead of “King”. He was a good man, and often would get pizza from Dominoes for the whole kingdom on a Saturday night just in time for the X-Factor.

His son, Prince Jarofpeanutbutter, was generally quite a pleasant person as well, but yesterday evening he had gone out to play hide and seek with the other princes. Playing hide and seek with them was not unusual for the Prince, but that night he had just had a glass of milk before going out which left a white moustache on his top lip, all the other princes laughed at him for having a moustache and he came home in a sulk.

He spent the next day sitting on his dad’s back and thinking nasty things about them.

Little did he know that one day his real moustache would be magnificent, and his subjects would admire his mighty moustache and call him “The Excellent Moustach King”, and he would buy pizza for them all.

Thanks be to the astonishing Fran for this image, taken from here.


The pigeon that thought he was Optimus Prime.

October 12, 2010

The main problem with Horsebox was that he thought he was Optimus Prime. As a child he had obsessed over Transformers toys and become fixated on the idea of turning into a truck at will, and laying down some seriously awesome justice.

Surprisingly he had friends, despite his delusions of giant fictitious robot grandeur. One of his friends was Monstro. Monstro was a good friend, and tried his best to humour Horsebox as he dashed about the place thinking he had wheels.

Of course sometimes it became too much. There were days when Horsebox would run at cars screaming “AUTOBOTS! TRANSFORM!”, which was terribly dangerous.

It was in these times that Monstro would have to intervene by standing on his insane pal until he had calmed down.

Monstro is currently attempting to save up enough money to send Horsebox to a pshychiatrist, let’s hope it goes well.

Image from here, courtesy of Lee, the king of dreams.


Open mouthed Panda joy.

October 1, 2010

A long time ago there were two panda cubs, Hades and Spielberg. They were young and ambitious, they wanted to be master chefs like on that programme on the BBC.

The pair were in perpetual competition, always trying to best one another, sharpening their skills.

They were constantly having impromptu cook-offs to try and catch each other off guard. Sometimes one would be sound asleep at 4am and the other would leap in, kick his adversary out of bed and scream “IT IS ON!” And they would both dash to the kitchen and start cooking up a storm.

For years this went on, nobody in The Excellent Panda Village Town (where they lived) could decide which of the two was the best, but everyone knew for sure they were becoming excellent cooks.

They became so good that the mayor asked them to make a meal for him and his wife, it was on the local news and made it into that rubbish third page in the Metro.

That was how they got noticed.

A few weeks after this they both received letters from a prominent TV chef offering them jobs as head chefs in two of his fanciest restaurants. It was the best news they had ever heard, and they gave each other a massive hug that was so powerful it had to be contained in a swing tyre.


And from another angle:

Thank you for these images, Kieren, and thank you for finding them here.