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The Pups with the Christmas Vendetta.

December 22, 2010

Christmas can be a time for generosity, family, and general all round joy. For the pups it was a time for attempting to kidnap the President of Atlantis (the owner of their local watersports centre). The President of Atlantis was called Napoleon, and he had refused them entry to his establishment on the grounds that they were dogs, and not people. This was hugely hurtful to the pups, because they used to be people until they were transformed into dogs by gamma rays at a nuclear research facility. They attempted to explain this to Napoleon, but he was having none of it and sent them out into the cold.

Since then, each year since to mark the anniversary of this insult, they attempted to kidnap Napoleon and have a nice swim. This year they had stolen a truck and driven it through the office wall of their target, interrupting his New York Deli sandwich. Dressed as Santas, they began backflipping around and kicking Napoleon in the shins really hard, until eventually security arrived and things “got too heavy”, so they ran off home and fell asleep on the sofa, exhausted.

They had been defeated, THIS TIME.

Thanks to Dannie for the image, who got it from here.

Merry Christmas all, from everyone here at Animal on Animal (me).


It’s Video Time.

December 12, 2010

No, don’t close the window yet. It might be a good one this time.

RECOMMENDATION: Turn off the sound, it’s slightly irritating, but not hugely irritating. If you have a short fuse it will bother you.

No story. I’m too tired for stories today. The required animal being on another animal criteria has been fulfilled, that is all you’re getting this time. If you have a story that you wish to suggest for this heart warming video, please feel free to submit it in the comments. If it’s good it will then become the Official Story of this Particular Post, which is a high honour indeed.

Thank you all for your time.

And thank you, Amy, for sending me this video.


Those Darn Vuvuzelas.

December 4, 2010

Once, there was a big-horned ox beast named The President, and he and his cat friend Jim Davidson liked to do the kinds of things that men do, such as play darts and gradually become fatter as they age. It was quiet and they liked it like that. But one day their next door neighbour got one of those awful vuvuzela things and started to play it all day long.

This would have been annoying at the best of times, simply because it’s a very annoying sound, but what made it even worse was that it provoked Jim Davidson to involuntarily leap into the air and clasp onto The President’s lower back, digging his claws in.

Sometimes he would find himself stuck there, petrified, for the best part of two hours. It was uncomfortable for them both, not only due to the pain and embarrassment all round, but because The President had personal space issues and really didn’t like people touching his back. Still, they got on with it as best they could and hoped the problem would go away, or they would get used to it, or a meteor would fall on next door’s house.

After some weeks, the pair decided something had to be done. So they went round to next door’s house and explained their situation, but the neighbours were not bothered and just laughed. This was not a clever thing to do, as Jim Davidson had had several years of martial arts training in his youth, and his rage burnt white hot at the thought of these discourteous neighbours laughing at his misfortune, so he leapt at them and ninja kicked the living crap out of them so hard that they apologised and threw their vuvuzela away that very minute.

From that day on life returned to normal, and next door became model neighbours, and The President and Jim Davidson lived out their lives in peace.

Thanks to Will for the image.