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A bird on a hippo.

February 8, 2010

This is a special one, as the point of contact is concealed by that liquid stuff that some animals live in, but here is a bird on a hippo.

Here is a description of the image from the man that took it:

First we have Bird on Hippopotamus. Unfortunately the crucial point of cross-species contact is obscured by the water but any fool can see that the bird is indeed on the back of the hippopotamus. I cannot offer more info on what species the bird is; this is left as an exercise for the photo recipient.

There you go. You’ll notice he starts off with “first”. That’s because he sent me MORE THAN ONE. The thrill was unbearable. I’ll be putting his other one up at a later date in order to lessen the unbearable thrill for the rest of you.
Thanks Craig.


A mouse on frog.

January 25, 2010

Okay, here’s a bonus one to keep the ball rolling. If you keep sending me stuff I’ll keep the posting at a steady rate, at the moment I’m looking at every Monday and Friday having an update. Please tell your friends and keep sending me your fancy pictures (link over on the right).

Today we have the momentous pairing of a mouse and a frog. I’d like to think that the mouse is rich, and has paid the frog a large amount of money to chauffeur¬†him around and impress “the ladies”.

If I was a lady, I would be impressed. He’s the kind of mouse you’d take home to show the folks.

Nabbed from the nice people over at National Geographic.