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Animal on Animal Title Competition!

March 7, 2012

Yes, my friends, yes. The time has come for me to do some kind of 21st century “audience interaction” crap. You are the audience, you lovely crazies, and I have a challenge for you.

Don’t worry, the challenge is not very challenging.

Can you come up with a title for a post that would contain this image?

(image found by Amy, not sure where she got it)

I’m not saying that I can’t, by the way, just so you know. If you could comment below with potential titles, I will pick the one that is the most exciting next week and write a post around it.

Example titles:

  • Kevin and Jim’s adventure in space.
  • The radiator that saved Harold’s life.
  • How the pirates found love.

Then I will have to work out what in the name of hell to do with your title and how I can make a story out of it. I think it will be fun for ALL INVOLVED.

Note: You do not win anything, except the respect of your peers, and yourself.

If you can get your titles in by this time next week (Wednesday 14th March), that would be dandy. If I get no responses, I guess I’ll have to make my own up (with a sad face) and feel generally embarrassed.

Please do not submit your titles on Facebook, as I may lose track of them. Do it in the comments on this post.

I have a “proper” Animal on Animal post coming your way tomorrow lunch time, so sit tight until then and prepare to have your face caressed with the mighty fist of laughter.

Happy thinking.

– Matt


The Notorious Raccoon Brothers.

November 19, 2010

The notorious Raccoon Brothers were the most feared brothers that were also raccoons in the world. They were notorious due to their bizarre and twisted globe-spanning crime sprees. Their favourite one was the time that they stole a tin of Heinz Beans and drew a face (complete with moustache) on the side. Their second favourite was the time they drove a nuclear submarine into Wales.

Often they would hide in a tree waiting for someone to come past, when they saw someone they would jump out, steal their ID (be it a passport or drivers license etc.) and run off to their hideout. At their hideout they would draw a moustache on the person’s picture in permanent marker (they had a strange fixation about moustaches) and post it back to the owner. Of course, the Identity Theft Victim would now have a large amount of trouble proving they were themselves unless they had a huge jet black moustache on their face, so it was very annoying, especially for ladies.

After many years, the Raccoon Brothers were caught and sent to The Prison for People that Commit Crimes that don’t Make Any Sense (or TPfPtCCtdMAS for short), where they met Beverly.

Thanks to Mouse for the image.


The problem with kittens.

September 21, 2010

Burmese and Python the kittens were always bugging poor old Eric. He could barely get a moments rest. In fact, even if he did manage to catch a wink his merciless tormentors would sit on him and prod him until he woke up.

So one day he thought “Fuck it”, and he ate the little shits.

They never bothered him again.

Thanks to Lindsay, Amy, and Mouse for this.


The confused hen.

August 8, 2010

This one’s a few days late. Sorry about that:

Hens sometimes get confused. Martha is one such hen.

It seems she had gotten drunk one night and accidentally laid her eggs in a dog nest. Dogs only lay one egg a year, and they do tend to look a lot like chicken eggs, so in her drunken state she must not have noticed where she was sitting.

There was a scandal around the farm after the puppy hatched, but Martha was an honest hen, and her husband trusted her and stuck by her in spite of the horrid rumours. They brought up the puppy as their own, and named him The Artist Formally Known as Prince, because they were into him at the time.

Thanks to Lindsay, Amy, and Mouse for this.


Current events!

July 21, 2010

On Monday, a shit load of bees were at the end of the street where I spend 8 hours a day. They were on each other, and also on a sign post. Bees are animals, sign posts are not animals.

Here are some pictures of the event (credited as we go):

Picture: Mouse

Picture: Mouse again (alright Mouse, take a break with your camera, geez)

Picture: James

Apparently some insane person who was cleaning out a shop down the road found a bee hive and thought it would be a good idea to throw it out.

This was not a good idea, person who was cleaning out the shop.

Don’t do it again.


Valentine’s Special.

February 12, 2010

Since it’s Valentine’s Day on Sunday, and loads of people will be kissing each other and what have you, I thought this was a supreme opportunity to share this mighty love-filled image:

If we were all like this dog, cat and rat, there would be no war, the world would be one gigantic hug.

It might get a bit sexy at times as well.

Valentine’s Suggestion –

If you haven’t got your partner anything this year because you forgot/can’t be bothered, why not send them a link to this blog as a present?

More images, a story, and A VIDEO here.


A mouse on frog.

January 25, 2010

Okay, here’s a bonus one to keep the ball rolling. If you keep sending me stuff I’ll keep the posting at a steady rate, at the moment I’m looking at every Monday and Friday having an update. Please tell your friends and keep sending me your fancy pictures (link over on the right).

Today we have the momentous pairing of a mouse and a frog. I’d like to think that the mouse is rich, and has paid the frog a large amount of money to chauffeur¬†him around and impress “the ladies”.

If I was a lady, I would be impressed. He’s the kind of mouse you’d take home to show the folks.

Nabbed from the nice people over at National Geographic.