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It means no worries.

May 29, 2013

I think some people all ready did a story about this so I don’t have to.

Thanks to Helen for the image, who got it from here.


He was a good fish.

January 24, 2012

Bit of a risqué one today, folks. In the picture, you can see one of the animal’s man parts. If you are easily offended by animal man parts, I suggest you close your eyes when you get to the picture. Here we go –

Old Man Peterson looked into Young Man Peterson’s eyes.

“You need to get out of here, son. He’ll be back for me any time now.” Old Man Peterson’s voice cracked as dehydration took its toll on his vocal chords.

“Dad, we don’t live in the wild west. Look, Dancing on Ice is on! They didn’t have Dancing on Ice in the wild west, they just had horses and guns and Will Smith!” Young Man Peterson was getting tired of having to do this every night. He held his father down in efforts to stop him running about and smashing all the lamps in a drunken haze. “You need to calm down, Dad. There’s nobody coming for you.”

It had been going on ever since their pet goldfish had died. Old Man had taken to drink to try and get over the pain, and kept coming home thinking he was a cowboy outlaw. Or something like that.  Either way, they had missed all of the last month’s Hollyoaks, which was really upsetting for everyone, and the health problems that a small old meerkat could acquire by going through a bottle of gin every day didn’t really bare thinking about.

“We all miss him, Dad, we all do. But he’s not coming back. He’s dead, and you have to accept it. He was a good fish, but we all knew the risks of getting a goldfish in the desert. It’s not their natural habitat. It was never going to be easy.” Tears welled in Young Man’s eyes.

A brief moment of sobriety passed over Old Man. “I’m… sorry, son. I… I just miss him so much. I’m so sorry. Please… help me.”

And so they decided to get a dog, and Old Man Peterson was sober until the end of his days (which came sooner than usual thanks to massive liver damage). He was happy, though, so it’s sort of a happy ending.

Many thanks to Tim, unfortunately I have no idea where he got it from. – UPDATE – He got it from The Sun (newspaper site place), no link provided.