Milo and Chief’s Big Adventure.

February 24, 2012

Milo was a brown duck, Chief was a white duck. They were not of different races, Chief had simply had a terrible accident involving emulsion when he was a painter and decorator.

The two had not always got along. When they were young ducks they had been hanging out at the local juice bar, sipping some kiwi juice and wearing shellsuits. Yes, shellsuits. The ones that are bright colours and make “shoosh” sounds when you move. It was the early 90s. Suddenly, a woman duck appeared.

Well, she didn’t appear, she came through the doorway. She wasn’t a frigging magician. Christ.

Anyway, a woman duck walked in. She was wearing one of those super cool pink shellsuits, and both Milo and Chief were crazy for her. As she stepped into the room, the two friends instantly began punching each other in efforts to impress her. It was an atrocious show of misguided romance-driven violence, for the woman duck loved NEITHER OF THEM. She was in love with a sheep dog named Keith from back home.

Upon realising this horrible truth, Milo and Chief fell into a deep depression, and took to floating aimlessly on rivers. Milo stood atop Chief’s back acting as lookout in case any pirates came and tried to scuttle them.

One day, they were floating as usual, moping away the hours of the day, when they realised they had lost track of time. They found themselves floating in the rivers of Venice! Due to the excellent romantic reputation of Venice, the pair bumped into some women and were instantly married.

It was well good.

Thanks to Robert for the image, who got it from some strange Facebook group called “I love to laugh”. Have a search for it if you feel the need.


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