Zorro vs. The Nuclear Submarine of the Sky.

January 28, 2011

They called him The Nuclear Submarine of the Sky, because he kept isotopes in his underpants and could fly (nobody was quite sure where the “submarine” bit came from, in all fairness, but it had stuck).

He was a highwayman that terrorised the whole town, and everyone had gotten sick of him swooping down and robbing their shopping. He was a massive bugger as well, so nobody dared to punch him. The townsfolk were at their wits end, so they called for the greatest policeman of the time, Keith “Zorro” Panasonic. Zorro was a little fellow, but he had cunning like you would not believe, and some knuckle dusters that would mess you right up.

One afternoon, Zorro hid in someone’s shopping bag, waiting to be stolen. Sure enough the gigantic Nuclear Submarine of the Sky (his real name was Dwayne but that’s less intimidating) swooped down and robbed the shopping, but to his surprise out leaped Zorro! He leapt onto the thief’s back and started punching him in the back of the head with his knuckle dusters.

It was flipping ace.

After some severe head punching action, the villian was brought to justice and sentenced to go to hospital because he was bleeding far too much for it to be healthy. Eventually he probably went to prison, because it’s only fair, really.

Zorro was awared a gold star and given a lollipop, and the town was saved.

Thanks to Craig for the picture, not sure where it came from.


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