Animal on Animal Special: Film Edition!

November 30, 2010

I was sent this some time ago (or something like it, I lost the mail, sorry, it was basically this image anyway):

Here is the story of Marmaduke (WARNING – likely to not be the story of Marmaduke):

Marmaduke used to be a catwalk model called Trixie. My was she beautiful. She was all over magazines, and everyone loved her. As time went on Trixie’s looks started to fade (along with her popularity), and she began having surgery in attempts to hang on to her glorious past.

The surgeries did not go well. With each new one she began looking more and more like a Great Dane, until eventually she found that she had become a 6 foot dog. She was not best pleased. How would she ever find the man of her dreams now? She decided the best thing to do would be to change her name to Marmaduke and start taking male hormones so she could sound like Owen Wilson and go back in time to warn herself not to get loads of plastic surgery as it would turn her into a dog.

For a thrilling 75 minutes (the first 15 minutes are taken up with the back story just described) we follow Marmaduke/Trixie on a HILARIOUS and MOVING adventure through time as he/she attempts to save herself, from herself.

The moral of the story at the end is that you should not have plastic surgery enough times to make you look like a Great Dane.


Thank you to The Astonishing Robert for the image, and thank you to the whole Marmaduke team for being so young and attractive.

Stay tuned as there is another excellent post on its way later in the week to try and make up for the missing one last week. Please forgive me.


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