The Notorious Raccoon Brothers.

November 19, 2010

The notorious Raccoon Brothers were the most feared brothers that were also raccoons in the world. They were notorious due to their bizarre and twisted globe-spanning crime sprees. Their favourite one was the time that they stole a tin of Heinz Beans and drew a face (complete with moustache) on the side. Their second favourite was the time they drove a nuclear submarine into Wales.

Often they would hide in a tree waiting for someone to come past, when they saw someone they would jump out, steal their ID (be it a passport or drivers license etc.) and run off to their hideout. At their hideout they would draw a moustache on the person’s picture in permanent marker (they had a strange fixation about moustaches) and post it back to the owner. Of course, the Identity Theft Victim would now have a large amount of trouble proving they were themselves unless they had a huge jet black moustache on their face, so it was very annoying, especially for ladies.

After many years, the Raccoon Brothers were caught and sent to The Prison for People that Commit Crimes that don’t Make Any Sense (or TPfPtCCtdMAS for short), where they met Beverly.

Thanks to Mouse for the image.


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