Detective Casablanca has a bad day.

November 13, 2010

It had already been a strange day for Detective Casablanca the cat, he had found out his own father was a Russian spy that morning and had to arrest him, and then he had found out that his father was actually his mother (she had been wearing a stick-on moustache all these years as a disguise).

With these revelations weighing on his shoulders he wandered into a supermarket to get some lunch. He bought an unremarkable sandwich, and a Lion Bar for dessert.

The sandwich was fine, but when he opened the Lion Bar he discovered inside the wrapper, instead of a lion bar, was his arch nemesis Senor Toblerone! Senor Toblerone used his devilish agility to leap out of the wrapper and land on Detective Casablanca’s exposed back, at which point he injected a microchip into the fur on the Detective’s neck so he could control him.

Pleased with his success, Senor Toblerone rode Detective Casablanca back to his country mansion to gloat about his achievements to his wife.

Thankfully, Detective Casablanca’s Russian Spy Dad/Mum had managed to escape incarceration came across the horrible scene completely by accident! She punched Senor Toblerone right in the mouth and rescued her son.

Months later, after having the mind-control chip removed, Detective Casablanca and his Dad/Mum decided to move to Moscow and be Russians. As far as anyone knows they are still there today, communisting it up.

Thanks to Amy for the image, who got it from here.


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