The little prince and his moustache.

October 28, 2010

I appear to be two weeks behind, or one week, I can’t quite be bothered to work it out. Regardless, apologies, fans of Animal on Animal. Let us see what today’s image brings…


Bertram was a noble King who enjoyed sitting on rocks and thinking about Ancient Rome, and how ace it would have been to be called “Caesar” instead of “King”. He was a good man, and often would get pizza from Dominoes for the whole kingdom on a Saturday night just in time for the X-Factor.

His son, Prince Jarofpeanutbutter, was generally quite a pleasant person as well, but yesterday evening he had gone out to play hide and seek with the other princes. Playing hide and seek with them was not unusual for the Prince, but that night he had just had a glass of milk before going out which left a white moustache on his top lip, all the other princes laughed at him for having a moustache and he came home in a sulk.

He spent the next day sitting on his dad’s back and thinking nasty things about them.

Little did he know that one day his real moustache would be magnificent, and his subjects would admire his mighty moustache and call him “The Excellent Moustach King”, and he would buy pizza for them all.

Thanks be to the astonishing Fran for this image, taken from here.


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