The pigeon that thought he was Optimus Prime.

October 12, 2010

The main problem with Horsebox was that he thought he was Optimus Prime. As a child he had obsessed over Transformers toys and become fixated on the idea of turning into a truck at will, and laying down some seriously awesome justice.

Surprisingly he had friends, despite his delusions of giant fictitious robot grandeur. One of his friends was Monstro. Monstro was a good friend, and tried his best to humour Horsebox as he dashed about the place thinking he had wheels.

Of course sometimes it became too much. There were days when Horsebox would run at cars screaming “AUTOBOTS! TRANSFORM!”, which was terribly dangerous.

It was in these times that Monstro would have to intervene by standing on his insane pal until he had calmed down.

Monstro is currently attempting to save up enough money to send Horsebox to a pshychiatrist, let’s hope it goes well.

Image from here, courtesy of Lee, the king of dreams.


One comment

  1. Oh, Horsebox.

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