Ultimate hide and seek.

July 15, 2010

Derek enjoyed playing hide and seek with his son, Polyvinyl-chloride. They would play every weekend. They would have played every day but Derek and his wife had split up due to his gambling addiction and her kissing postmen addiction, so Derek only got custody at weekends.

Polyvinyl-chloride had loads of great hiding places. Sometimes he would hide behind the TV, or in a bush, or in the fridge (for short periods of time, of course, let’s not be dangerous and silly). But his favourite place was on his dad’s back, because Derek never thought to look there.

Polyvinyl-chloride would hide on Derek’s back for hours until finally his dad would give up and go to sleep.

Derek would always awaken with a moustache and monocle drawn on his face in permanent marker courtesy of his mischievous son, and then he would get annoyed and go play cards with his friends while Polyvinyl-chloride watched Short Circuit 2 on DVD.

Those were the days.

Cheers for getting the image from here, Dannie.


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