AoA video blowout!

May 26, 2010

Oh my good shitting Lord. It’s video time again, folks.

Neither of these are properly “Animal on Animal” as far as whatever rules I’m pretending to follow go. I’ve put them both up in one post in the hopes you may overlook this and continue to be my friend and/or lover.

Here is the first video:

Personally, I don’t know what a Roomba is (I don’t read stuff, just like you’re not reading this), but it seems to be a magical robot vacuuming machine man. Technically not an animal, but kind of an animal if you lie to yourself.

Thanks to Chris, taken from here.

Here’s another one:

This one is worryingly close to the rude kind of animal on animal, which bothers me. They are doing the animal equivalent of kissing (often referred to as “licking”) and are quite close to each other.

I can’t tell if they’re definitely “on” each other and daren’t play the video for too long in case I get arrested, so I’ll never find out.

Thanks to Sawan for this, I don’t really want to ask how he found it.

Sorry about this update everyone.


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