The dogs that loved Macho Man Randy Savage.

May 18, 2010

Many years ago there were two dogs named Ishamel and Richard. They liked wrestling, and their favourite was Macho Man Randy Savage:

Often they would wrestle at each other’s houses, making pretend wrestling rings out of sofas and jumping off them and kicking each other and all that stuff. They even had their own theme songs that they recorded on tape! But one day Ishamel had pinned Richard, and just then, a really good episode of Coronation Street came on and he sat there transfixed:

Richard was stuck there for the full omnibus and he did not enjoy it at all. When Ishamel came around from his Coronation Street coma and apologised Richard was having none of it, and stormed off. They haven’t spoken for years.

They are still fans of Macho Man Randy Savage, however.

Cheers for the image, Lee.


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