Late Mother’s Day special.

March 16, 2010

It was Mother’s Day in the UK (which is probably where mothers were invented) on Sunday, so this post is in honour of all that NONSENSE.

The story today is likely to be a bit shit, so I’m giving you two photos for the price of one. The price, incidentally, is no pounds.

Terry the baby polar bear and his mum, Hagrid, went out shopping. It’s quite hard to go shopping in the Arctic because there are no shops, but they somehow managed to buy a bottle of wine and a Fruit Shoot.

Terry was thrilled to have a Fruit Shoot, because it made him feel like one of those kids off the telly that didn’t live in the flipping Arctic. He guzzled it down happily while his mum drank the bottle of wine.

Sadly, in no time at all she had finished the wine and was quite drunk. She kept telling Terry about how much she loved him, and that dad would be back soon. She did this every Mother’s Day.

Eventually she passed out hugging Terry tightly, so he couldn’t escape.

He couldn’t get out until the next day.

Thanks to Miriam for these pics, she got them from here.

Also, you may have noticed I’m updating this around midweek once a week at the moment, this practice is likely to continue for the time being.


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