A sad story.

February 17, 2010

I’ve got time to write a story today.

Percy  was a small bird, raised in a relatively conservative household in Florida. His parents wanted him to become a doctor, someone respectable.

For a while, that’s what Percy wanted as well. But as he grew older, he became his own bird, and decided he wanted a career in alligator wrestling.

For years he toured the United States wrestling the crap out of his chosen reptilian adversaries and became quite the celebrity.

He was riding high, his life could not have been better. He spent his twenties living it up before meeting the woman of his dreams as he reached 30. He proposed, she said yes, everything was perfect.

Then, suddenly, the day before his wedding day, he was hit by an out of control giraffe that had run a red light. It struck him with such force that he became fused to its neck, and that’s how he ended up looking like this:

He never did get married.

Taken from here, found by Dannie.


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