Starlings on a sheep.

February 1, 2010

It’s not just any bird, it’s an effing starling, and it’s not just one of them, it’s effing two. And they are stood on a sheep.

Fictitious story behind the image:

The starlings, Martha and Bertie, were city workers. Their high pressure jobs in accounting and hostage negotiations (respectively) were starting to test their previously happy relationship.

One day after a row, they decided to go on a make or break holiday. They decided to sit on a sheep’s arse for two blissful weeks (starlings do that for holidays because it’s cheaper than going to Mallorca).

Thankfully, the holiday did wonders for them and they now sleep in the same bed again and everything!


One comment

  1. Glad to hear they managed to sort things out – for the sake of the eggs if nothing else.

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