January 22, 2010

Firstly, the site’s name is supposed to sound a bit like some unpleasant pornography, sorry, I was trying to think of a better name but this one seemed the strongest of the lot. You can imagine how bad the others were. Here is the mission: To find shit loads of pictures of animals sat on top of each other.

Pictures of either two animals of the same species on top of each other, or better yet, different species!

If you find any of these please send them in to me and I’ll put them up if they’re suitable.

No sex ones. None of that. Seriously, if there are any sex ones my mum will probably ground me. I can’t have that again, not at my age.

Send your found images to: animalonanimal [at] googlemail [dot] com

Enjoy the site, it might not last long, I’m not sure how many of these amazing pictures there are out there, and if you’re taking these pictures yourself, please don’t harm any of the participants, that would make you a bastard.

Lots of love,

– Matt


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